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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  June 7, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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heller >> pam: 8 celebrating her victory left donald trump that this will be a very rough campaign. good evening everyone. >> pam: after months of campaigning it comes down to this the super tuesday file presidential candidates. team coverage around the bay vicki a the watch party for hillary. and then joins bernie sanders j r as
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following the race. and ollie's yet is were downtown followers are coming tonight. >> steve: 13 1/7 cisco getting out the vote for california primary. awaiting >> pam: the first returns earlier this evening hillary spoke to a crowd of supporters noting this historic moment for the united states also laying out how her vision clashes with the vision of dollars trump would she call destructive it dangerous on the republican side before the polls even opened the dollar was already presumptive nominee for his party the proportional use congressional districts and it
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seems before trading a little bit and the superdelegates went into today's contest with more than minimum required for the nomination. since then added nearly 100 plan to delegates. 572 superdelegates premium while getting his pattern of the winds and small states with winds of 11 delegates and north dakota caucuses he now has more than 1600 delegates. . >> pam: pain-former secretary of state hillary clinton. but he joins us live. >> vicki: a windy night and live in front. at the watch party inside trickling in after a hearing and can it its rousing
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speech moments ago in brooklyn. let's give that listen. . hart"fought deeply committed campaign. we all in need to keep working for a better stronger america. >> vicki: will check back at a fairly talking with supporters to get their read on what has been happening in california. >> pam: bay area supporters of
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the bernie also gathering to night band is live so what is the mood in light of the winds today. sebastian >> reporter: joining me added supporter.
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"our agenda is fundamentally different. changes we're demanding fundamentally tied to the existing political to prioritize and bernie is fundamentally different. >> steve: expected here from bernie tonight and we'll be backs for you for that. >> catherine: 50 like big noisy
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primary days in the last hours of this is the last one aside from the district of columbia next week but clearly this is the closing stretch as donald and hillary are getting ready to claim their respective nominations this is the map behind this facade from california talking about voters coming up in new jersey new mexico montana dakotas north dakota is green they had a caucus not primary today. hillary was declared the winner in new jersey primary is the second biggest pot of delegates after california s huge win as you can see from these numbers first one of the night and the polls close in new mexico 44 delegates minutes ago you can see the numbers here with an
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early lead in new mexico declaring the winner in new mexico. south dakota and montana as primary we show you that. the lot of activity but it is fairly close 32 percent of the voting. a win for bernie and the north dakota caucuses the one place in green at a primary. sanders told reporters recently as today still determined it a try and turn some of the super delegates and win them over the democratic convention so everyone is waiting to hear if they're going to stick to that and we do know what hillary is saying the heart of her speech from this earlier.
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hill >> britteny: >> cathe:rine hillary calling this a victory turning a time attention on the republican rival donald trump. >> pam: political communications consultant does turn a clip from the the value of more arousing events so far from this primary season
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>> reporter: as a very strong speech for her. if he loses california he may argument to continue going on with the status superdelegates should try and turn them to him. trailing in the popular vote employed state losing amongst more states than hillary. and has no argument. having given loses california he might concede.
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>> reporter: gm's bigelow bit of that i saw was like watching a bear trying to wrestle with chains on. he was being restrained and they are fearful for what he will say he's made so many mistakes recently. many saw her become one of those powerful people in the world that does the president of the same time that going on key members of republican party who are embarrassed about racist comments about trump has made in the past week.
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>> reporter: endemic not unlike the first contests in iowa hillary watch the lead dwindled bernie barnstormed and in that contest and pull up the narrow as the winds sanders bounceback big in new hampshire but clinton rattle off in nevada super
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tuesday southern states and florida the delegates finally added up to nomination went for clinton. sanders campaign called it a rush to judgment with six more states having their say today. ambulance races in san
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francisco that being driven by emergency responders. the for some more than 20 years california u.s. senate seat is vacant we take a look ahead in the race.
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the a >> pam: crabs go head-to-
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head in the primary another one left the washington d.c. it's a different story for the gop alias' yet joined the saliva of the trump campaign party in the bay area. initially there were 50 people. that number doubles and they're watching this race there sinning by and there are local politicians endorsing. they're looking at how the night turned out. a short time ago
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after winning new jersey trump give a speech detailing what he plans on doing with america. . >> reporter: is to have a good showing in california that the show voters he will have a strong standing in november.
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>> pam: it was held by barbara boxer retiring right now democratic state a general >> j.r.: has been a very busy day for harris started in lost angela's voted there, plan and went to sacramento and then from sacramento came to the bay area and has been campaigning all day long. the clubroom along the
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embarcadero tonight and then does not arrive just yet should be doing so next hour. >> grant: 2 results from bay area districts we will have that throughout the hour for now kekkonen district 5 with parts of contra costa sonoma lake county. and mike thompson as the
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incumbent here. we will be working to get results for several districts mentioned it. third seen throughout the show and one of the most dramatic is district 17 where mike honda is along timing come and and and 2014 challenge and barely lost and just like the wires cavaliers that are a rematch between mike and row upon the industry 17. robins in the south bay and santa clara he has the latest on that race. across the street from levi stadium for the candidates will be holding his watch party this evening and for a few people are coming in at this hour as you said this is the contested race expected to be very close we know the top
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two vote getters will be getting off in the general election in november and looks like wolf will be in the same dead heat heading for the general election he got plans afternoon heading back to washington to attend the appropriations bill campaign up until the polls close this evening. i'm going at fixed inquiry proprieties. very different firemen people are
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ready for new blood and new ideas and people are going to focus on this contingency. . >> reporter: paulsen 14 honda won the primary by 1520% and then narrowed the lead heading into the general election down to about 3% for the election rolled around eventually lot losing with roughly 58 before a 2% he is expected to do much better this time around and
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expect here in santa clara around 83845. >> britteny: live look outside mostly cloudy pettifog will continue moving and some spots are pushing in land we wake of the cloudy skies concord san jose and you see this strong onshore flow that will continue to push clouds inland the way up to cloudy skies and by the afternoon we see a lot of coffee temperatures. facing close average by friday dropping down a little bit the temperature is at 72 and natwest 60 vallejo 68 fairfield and then 63 in fremont and temperatures in san jose at 66 a closer look at your planner for the rest of
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tonight's shows mid-60s that clock hour by 10:00 in the low 60s. at mid '50s by the bay by levin low 50s for coastal locations has run the region tomorrow at 81 in fairfield 83 and staff and temperatures livermore 80 degrees 62 daly city and then 78 and the senate bill coming up a closer look at your 70 forecast and a warming trend we attracting into the weekend. . >> steve: been neck during a bank robbery what we now know tonight about the victim. >> pam: a deadly shooting, on camera. police are still looking for the gunmen we have the latest. . before earning enough cash back from bank of america to buy a new gym bag. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time.
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we need to make sure that we have a beautiful place for our children to live. together, we're building a better california.
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>> pam: ages of three people running from the parking lot of from the springs town bottrop liquor store or a man was shot in the head. >> steve: evelyn system francisco fire department as gave it tells us that messier's say unidentified 44 year-old woman still let as at&t's responded to an emergency call.
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. >> gabe: the fire department check with gps there were able to track read away in the chase began when they got to the ambulance tracker the woman suffered no injuries and immediately arrested.
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>> reporter: seconde be regarded in oakland will be what tracking the votes coming up next.
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>> pam: or stone is also about the hairs headquarters tonight we have reporters throughout the bay area take a look at california returns coming in so far at this point hillary has 62 proofs 2% of a statewide vote and sanders has 13
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>> steve: 7 tel hillary leading with 69 percent of votes. such a cost of 32% for sanders. >> steve: tamarin hillary 63% bernie sanders has 34% 913% of all boats so far so lot more to go. if the loses california and
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nancy he is a half lower.
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chiseled a gentler and get passionate about wines issues talked to bernie sanders. we will hear from next ourself thus maintain influence and constantine values that he stood for. how you advise how does he have it tonight and his speech.
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>> pam: located at the travel watch parties tonight the third the senate campaign and the key is through the key tonight. were you hearing from them? >> vicki: i am here with oakland mayor will be just walking in the helicon and watch party. i
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thought why not i will get feedback from her on this historic night. . the first woman is being sent at the presumptive nominee for major american political party this is huge. of those qualified can add to had the privilege of voting for. what matters is that
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we have a good personal values and acting knows how to put those realities into action. >> reporter: please who are struggling and my city they need an ally in the white house who knows how to get things done and cares about them that if hillary. and of california is still counting its votes but we know what is happening nationally we know who will be on the ballot in november if that's what we have to focus our energy on now. >> vicki: will check back with you at 9:00 with more reports from large party back to you in
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the studio. >> pam: data is with the campaign tonight-and no word of a concession for you hearing anything there? >> reporter: we are hearing the resolve is as strong as everby hillary declaring victory no word will make any difference to the standing people there in the study and the joining me is the. as not a surprise always been with bernie and ablate he could've taken this but waterloo's that torres to go to the convention. firmly a means of support bernie to the and whether he's on the ballot or not. nothingnesses mostly early
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voting. basically chablis every state and last night a 200,000 boat gap and city l.a.'s san francisco can wipe that out that is what i am hoping for. one of the many who are here tonight and oakland still supporting bernie saying that they will take this all the way to the end.
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>> steve: we'll hear from bernie from saddam monocot there is only one statewide proposition being voted for proposition 50 catherine joins us with the latest returns on the proposition so far. >> catherine: the response to a state scandal and we. the results so far a yes vote way ahead it was in response to political scandals involving leland and two other state senators. if this passes it will change the state constitution at least based on early results but only 5% reported
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>> pam: edges about everyone voting on. great is here with details. all the >> grant: 9 bay area counties weighing in on the partial tax maybe you seen them urging people to vote yes. it calls for $12 per year parcel tax. it would believe an entire
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region as of right now pretty close ec 56% voting yes on a not sure how many precincts are reporting a 08 continue to keep tabs on this. you look to keep their results from throughout the bay area all nine counties. they had a say on this and i went to the ballot box today. they had a say on this and i went to the ballot box today. they had a say on this and i went to the ballot box today. ♪ ♪
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>> pam: don trump is the presumptive nominee for the republican party the race was called just before 830 tonight. >> steve: political communications has been tracking this a little bit. the left talking about ideas what they might say tonight and maintain
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influence with 13 million voters. she like this aid to women and the presidential ticket forever and it would be interesting wondering. in terms of assessing who might be the vice presidential pack.
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>> reporter: to consider stepping down as soon as this week and if he doesn't somehow he pulls out california and returned the very early based primarily on votes by mail older
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voters tend to favor hillary. if he stays in the race that problematic for hillary.
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>> reporter: again i think that beaches from the president is still very popular we all know hillary is suffering from enthusiasm all of younger voters we forget. ahold you are but i know you've been around for a while and yet it's it's america and people of growing up then as a lot different from the one i've grown up than 30 are under 40 think of 9113 recessions to wars at the different world. ups and downs for people figure 60. it's been hard times than not likely to be receptive to some of the same messages that might resonate with people who are older than them.
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>> reporter: speech reached at the byrnie supporters and optimistic. kind of reaching for because the first woman nominee but also did cover our time hysterically on and i you win the nomination that is not a night to attack the other party. i think it is clear the tone of the general election and it will be negative. albany measure p
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take a look that it looks like their prevailing there. >> steve: the measure e.f. yes votes prevailing.
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>> steve: 20 and have about 24% can sell their votes and measure about 24 percent of them so far. we will have a lot more ahead of first of kabila's number. >> pam: much more news at a much more on the election coverage on >> pam: much more news at a much more on the election coverage on its primary tuesday. 2% back at grocery stores and now at wholesale clubs. and 3% back on gas. kenny used his bankamericard cash rewards credit card to join the wednesday night league. because he loves to play hoops. not jump through them.
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